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Things That Can Kill Your Online Reputation

When business owners ask me for ideas on how they can grow their business, I always respond that your first priority should be to manage your online reputation. A recent survey showed 84% percent of respondents use online reviews to evaluate a business. Since it's the first thing to optimize when growing your business, let's review a few common missteps.

Mystery is good in the movies, but not when you're trying to be found online. An unclaimed profile often displays inaccurate contact information that lacks photos and correct business hours. And it doesn't inspire confidence that you're a trusted reputable business.

First, verify you're the owner of your profile and that the description of your business is accurate. Ensure your address, website link, phone number and business hours are accurate and add professional photos. Show potential customers what to expect with engaging pictures of you, your team and your business.

Nobody likes bad news. It isn't like wine and doesn't get better with age. A recent study shows that 4 or more negative online reviews may deter up to 70% of that business's potential customers.

Respond to negative reviews in a timely manner. Avoid automatic replies. They can make a business seem inaccessible.

Always thank reviewers for providing feedback. This shows potential and current patients that you listen, you're responsive and that you care to improve.

Your happy customers are your best advocates. If you aren't highlighting their voice, then you're missing an opportunity to build your online brand. When a customer provides positive feedback in person, invite them to share that experience on your website, Google, Yelp or other online review site.

Quote positive comments on office signage, business cards and in social campaigns. And don't forget to send a personal, private thank you note to your fans. They're your best referral source. For more advice on how to make your business thrive, visit us at



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