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Reputation Management Is Obsolete

Most people are familiar with Reputation Management. There are a lot of marketers out there that provide Reputation Management services and there are a lot of businesses that are paying for those services.

Let me ask you. Do you make money managing things or do you make money marketing things? You can manage your online reviews with reports and analytics all you want but that is only part of a successful strategy in leveraging your online reputation and monetize it.

I say that Reputation Management is obsolete because there is a new strategy that is far more successful and profitable. That strategy is Reputation Marketing. Reputation Marketing is a hybrid of Reputation Management and Brand Marketing. Reputation Marketing contains three elements.

  1. Reputation Management

  2. Reputation Building

  3. Marketing your online reputation

I will publish details on each of these elements in upcoming blogs. NOVA Insiders has the tools and expertise to manage your online reputation, build your reputation and then market that reputation which results in increased revenue.

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