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Why Mobile Marketing?

The average person is exposed to over 5000 advertisements every day. We are literally bombarded with marketing impressions everywhere we go. With that much competition, how can marketers cut through the clutter to get their message across?

Marketers are sprinting towards mobile. Why mobile? One of the most obvious reasons businesses are leveraging mobile technology is because of the proliferation of mobile devices, specifically smart phones which have become the swiss army knife of our generation. Most of the population has a smart phone and even those that do not have a smart phone have a phone that can receive marketing messages via text messaging. Here are some reasons businesses are using mobile as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Mobile ads are more likely to be read and the response rates are 5 times higher than print ads. Our customers average redemption rates of 10% on offers delivered via mobile. Mobile ads tend to be very brief and concise and consumers appreciate brief and concise messages.

Its immediate. Mobile allows you to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time. Mobile ads tend to be read right away, especially if they are delivered by SMS. This allows you to make sure your message is delivered and read when you want it to be. Since mobile ad responses can be tracked in real time, it allows you to make adjustments on the fly.

Mobile marketing provides an excellent ROI. Mobile marketing campaigns are easy to track allowing you to easily understand exactly what your return is for any campaign at any time. It also allows you to segment your messages to audiences based on past behavior, further increasing the ROI of your campaign. The costs of mobile are a fraction of the cost compared to print, radio or TV contributing to the high ROI.

Mobile is more personal. Mobile technology allows for your advertising to be more interactive which allows you to gather more data on the preferences of your audience which in turn gives you the ability to target your ads to consumers who are most likely to respond.


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